Welcome to Pernix

Pernix is a software development company. Our name comes from the Latin word that means "With Agility" which is how we are.

Quotation Mark
What the people say about us
"Pernix has consistently delivered us high-performing resources across a range of technologies. We look forward to a long relationship with them as one of our most valued technology partners" Justin B. Janeiro Digital CTO
"Pernix, is a serious and responsible partner when it comes to web development.Their team of highly skilled professionals respond promptly to our needs.What really makes them stand out is their commitment which is something essential for us" Daniel Marote Managing Director Hydra Social Media
"Pernix is a consistent and reliable development partner. The Pernix resources are and have been technically strong with valuable software development capabilities. Pernix has been an important addition to the project team." Rob De Voto, President, A-Jour Net, Inc.
Our program guarantees we prepare the right talent for our clients; by having them learn with us for a period of 3-6 months before performing any clients work
We focus on our customer, on our people on responding to change and working software; our team is made up of skilled professionals.
Ruby on Rails, JAVA, PHP and Mobile Software Development (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). That's what we do. We also worked in Costa Rica as experts on SugarCRM