A software development and evolutionary prototyping solutions company.

We build quality products and deliver them on time by going “Beyond Agile”.

our services.


Professional user experience and designs crafted for your final user


Quality Mobile and Web Application development with over 7 years of experience


Efficient prototyping for validating new ideas


Certified professionals to ensure outstanding results

our clients.

Pernix has had the privilege of supporting some great companies including:


our timezone.

Our strategic location in Central America, allows us to not only share a similar time zone with our clients but also our western culture

  • Costa Rica
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Colorado
  • Toronto

Provides dedicated engineering and development services.

On a fixed-fee monthly retainer basis with no minimum requirement providing the right combination of cost, proficiency and execution to help startups, entrepreneurs, and small companies with their initial product launch and to build a long lasting relationship.

President recognition

Through our apprenticeship program, our workforce has been trained on startup’s real projects.

our team.

Thumb carlos Thumb carlos mueca
Carlos Sirias
Thumb sofia parissos Thumb sofia parissos
Sofia Parissos
Thumb jose alvarez Thumb jose alvarez mueca
Jose Alvarez
Thumb randall Thumb randall mueca
Randal Macis
Thumb avalos Thumb avalos mueca
Jonathan Avalos
Thumb ulises Thumb ulises mueca
Ulises Pacheco
Director of Product Development
Thumb cesar Thumb cesar mueca
Cesar Navarro
Director of Software Services
Thumb erick Thumb erick mueca
Erick Castillo
Director of Mobile Services
Thumb mauricio villalobos Thumb mauricio villalobos
Mauricio Villalobos
Thumb ricardo Thumb ricardo mueca
Ricardo Franco
Director of IoT
Thumb raqui bn Thumb raqui color
Raquel Rosales
Director of Design Services
Thumb cristina1 Thumb cristina2
Cristina Hernández
Talent Manager
Thumb deliens Thumb deliens mueca
Christian Deliens
Software Crafter
Thumb jose solano Thumb jose solano
Jose Solano
Software Crafter
Thumb andres Thumb andres mueca
Andres Ramirez
Software Crafter
Thumb hernandez Thumb hernandez mueca
Esteban Hernandez
Software Crafter
Thumb jesus Thumb jesus mueca
Jesus Ramos
Software Crafter
Thumb emmanuel Thumb emmanuel mueca
Emmanuel Murillo
Software Crafter
Thumb johnny Thumb johnny mueca
Johnny Xu
Software Crafter
Thumb cardoce Thumb cardoce mueca
Fernando Cardoce
Software Crafter
Thumb saul Thumb saul mueca
Saul Zamora
Software Crafter
Thumb manfred Thumb manfred mueca
Manfred Torres
Software Crafter
Thumb alejandroher Thumb alejandroher mueca
Alejandro Hernandez
Software Crafter
Thumb mauricio lopez Thumb mauricio lopez mueca
Mauricio Lopez
Software Crafter
Thumb kevin walsh Thumb kevin walsh mueca
Kevin Walsh
Software Crafter
Thumb marioque Thumb marioque2
Mario Quesada
Software Crafter
Thumb daniel hume Thumb daniel hume mueca
Daniel Hume
Software Crafter
Thumb cristian1 Thumb cristian1
Cristian Diaz
Software Crafter
Thumb deivid Thumb deivid mueca
Deivid Ugarte
Software Apprentice
Thumb brandon chaves Thumb brandon chaves mueca
Brandon Chaves
Software Apprentice
Thumb jasson gonzales Thumb jasson gonzales mueca
Jasson Gonzales
Software Apprentice
Thumb sss Thumb jjj
Adriana Chacón
Software Apprentice
Thumb mj1 Thumb mj2
María José Alfaro
Software Apprentice
Thumb elemer1 Thumb elemer2
Elmer Montenegro
Software Apprentice
Thumb hector1 Thumb hector2
Hector Carvajal
Software Apprentice
Thumb bn Thumb color
Gabriel Quesada
Software Apprentice
Thumb adrian bn Thumb adrian color
Adrián Barboza
Software Apprentice
Thumb andres bn Thumb andres sanchez color
Andrés Sanchez
Software Apprentice
Thumb david bn Thumb david lobo color
David Lobo
Software Apprentice
Thumb diego v bn Thumb diego velasquez color
Diego Velasquez
Software Apprentice
Thumb erwin bn Thumb erwin salas color
Erwin Salas
Software Apprentice
Thumb jean bn Thumb jean color
Jean Aguilar
Software Apprentice
Thumb diego v bn Thumb alredo color
Alfredo Avila
Software Apprentice
Thumb kristel bn Thumb kristel color
Kristel Najera
Software Apprentice
Thumb david u v bn Thumb david u color
David Ugalde
Software Apprentice
Thumb andres g bn Thumb andres g color
Andres Gutierrez
Software Apprentice
Thumb egarro Thumb egarro2
Erick Garro
Software Apprentice