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Software Development

Welcome to Pernix

Pernix is a software development company.

Our name comes from the Latin word that means "With Agility" which is how we are.

Agile Applied

We work this way

We encourage a strict adherence to our Application Lifecycle Management which we use to track end to end, the traceability of user features and the professional resposability of our bussiness associates.

We gather your list of "Product Features." We understand that it is difficult to get upfront clarification of every detail, so we don't shoot for that. We just gather a high level description.


We help you to prioritize the "Product Features" list.


We take a subset of "Product Features" at the top of the prioritized list and divide them by tasks.


Once the set of tasks are ready, we present them to you and release/deploy to staging environments. At this point you're allow to "play" with them while we continue to work on the next set of tasks.


The steps should be short to give the Software Professionals enough time to produce a quality product, get feedback and continuously address new requirements.

At the end the customer will receive a product tailored to their specific needs and with low bug rate as those get addressed on each iteration.

Version control is important to determine ownership and traceability of all the participating artifacts.

Every Monday you must meet for an hour with the team to determine that week’s priorities

Tuesday - Friday you must meet for 5-10 minutes with the team to assess team’s work and answer questions

Every Friday afternoon you (or any other stakeholder) must meet for a product review ( 10-30 minutes ) and adjustment of expectations / plans

Our Model

Pernix Solutions is a Costa Rican Global IT Consulting Company.

Our services are tailored for companies where IT processes are critical for its operation, allowing them to focus on the core of their business and improve their own processes without losing control or quality.

Pernix develops through Innovation Projects;

we commit 10% of our time to work on innovation projects hoping that if one of those succeeds we can invest more time. We offer the following services:

  • Staff Augmentation (permanent and contract staffing)
  • Software Engineering and Quality Assurance services (on any of our core competencies)
  • IT Consulting (on any of our core competencies)
  • IT Training
  • Business Intelligence

Pernix Solutions team is composed of highly skilled, technically proficient, motivated professionals, who are dedicated to providing a level of service and technical expertise that exceeds expectations. We strive to provide our clients products and services whose quality and effectiveness go beyond industry standards.

Our software and quality engineers posses outstanding technical and soft skills that can plug right into your model. Costa Rica is located on US Central Time; which allows a great balance of work life effectiveness for everyone and collaborations throughout the day. We have years of experience on the financial, information technology, government, games, content management and health care sectors.

Innovation Projects

Pernix is an open company that allows it’s contributors to become a partner of a new idea, in a internal project in order to develop skills, giving them the opportunity to improve their knowledge, creativity and innovation as entrepreneurs. The main keys that we are looking in our collaborators are very clear:

  • Our collaborator must be able to show that his / her accomplishments are invaluable.
  • Our collaborator must demonstrate leadership.
  • Our collaborator must be able to lead others positively.
  • Our collaborator must be able to motivate others.

Our Portfolio


Client: Table XI Partners, LLC
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Ember, Backend, Javascript
Region: USA
Timeline: 2014...Present
Summary: TableXI is a software development company. We do outsourcing of some TableXI projects.

Client: Livewatch Security Company
Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Angular, WebApp.
Region: USA
Timeline: 2014...Present
Summary: LiveWatch is an alarm security company. We developed the main LiveWatch site, the online alarms store and ASAPer that is the fastest system that communicates the alarms events to the customers.

Client: Flatirons Solutions
Technologies: Java, NodeJS, Angular, Documentum, Alfresco, CQ5
Region: Colorado, USA
Timeline: 2013...Present
Summary: Flatirons's Content Technology Services practice provides a variety of consulting services to help our customers build world-class solutions that solve their most pressing business problems. Across our publishing, aerospace, enterprise and government vertical focus areas, we apply our proven SourceOnce methodology and deep skill sets in enterprise content management, digital asset management, business process management, and XML-based publishing.

Client: Laboratorios Labin®
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS, HTML
Region: Costa Rica
Timeline: 2014...Present
Summary: Web system to handle vacations or other absences permissions, allowing bosses and administrators to accept and deny them.

Client: StarProg
Technologies: Ruby on Rails - Javascript
Region: USA
Timeline: March 2014...Present
Summary: The StarProg site requests a complete restructuring in the services, in this case the games that they offer, for example: Solitaire app, BlackJack app, Trivia Game, Predictions Game and others.

Client: SunTrust
Technologies: Phonegap, Javascript, Angular, Ruby on Rails.
Region: USA
Timeline: August 2013...November 2013
Summary: A free mobile application providing a new way for people to become engaged in a subject that some may consider boring \u2013 financial wellbeing. Users can obtain financial education certification \u2013 often a prerequisite for home buying or starting an Individual Development Account (IDA)

Client: Adviously Inc
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, JS, Coffee, Objective-C, Brightcove
Region: USA
Timeline: 2014...Present
Summary: System that allow partners to add shows or videos to play, in which ads will show, giving the chance to buy during the video player reproduction, products that give the user some ad-free time.

Client: Ono
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Coffeescript, Amazon S3
Region: Costa Rica
Timeline: 2014...Present
Summary: Medical Web System to keep records organized and localized in a centered database allowing doctors and patient access this information from anywhere, and simplify informal appointments via chat-like feature

The talent of our workforce

makes us different

We are the best and we want the best, we offer career development

opportunities for our employees so that they will grow to be the best consultants in the industry.

Ruby on Rails, PHP, JAVA and NodeJS is what we train our people to work on.

Our focus is to unleash employees potential at all times: open door policy, flexible work schedule

and sustainable pace are just some of the few policies that take us out of the crowd.

Our management is fully engaged on negotiating win to win situations for our clients and our workforce.

Most of our employees attend the gym on Mondays & Thurdays from 11am-1pm; which is paid by the company.

We also allow afternoon short naps to have a piece of mind and help you with your productivity.

Want to work with us?

We have positions open for Software Craftsman, Apprentices and Interns.

What is the

Apprenticeship Program?

When our senior members started their careers they were thrown to cubicles with

computers and were given big piles of documentation and were told to create programs...

and of course they did...

but were they following best known methods? were they following best practices?

Probably not, and that's why we want others to learn from our mistakes.

Pernix apprentices learn from others; they don't work on projects,

they basically learn what it takes to create software within an agile environment.

We will pay you to learn.

What will you learn?

  • Powerful methods and technologies to build software.
  • Actively participate with our consultants on challenges that develop your skills to create quality software.
  • Clean Code and software best practices, and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Share your knowledge through books, blogs, open spaces.

What are we looking for?

  • Advanced students that feel passionate about software.
  • Experience in Object Orientation.
  • Ability to interact well with others.

The Team

Carlos Sirias
Sofia Parissos
Jose Alvarez
Randal Macis
Jonathan Avalos
Ulises Pacheco
Director of Product Development
Cesar Navarro
Director of Software Services
Erick Castillo
Director of Mobile Services
Ricardo Franco
Director of IoT
Mauricio Villalobos
Raquel Rosales
Director of Design Services
Christian Deliens
Software Crafter
Jose Solano
Software Crafter
Saul Zamora
Software Crafter
Andres Ramirez
Software Crafter
Arnaldo Porras
Software Crafter
Andres Elizondo
UX Lead Specialist
Esteban Hernandez
Software Crafter
Matthew Bertelsen
Software Crafter
Jose Pablo Flores
Technical Support
Jesus Ramos
Software Crafter
Johnny Xu
Software Crafter
Carlos Chacon
Software Crafter
Emmanuel Murillo
Software Crafter
Giancarlo Pignataro
Software Crafter
Fernando Cardoce
Software Crafter
Samuel Gomez
Quality Analyst
Oscar Corella
Software Apprentice
Luis Grases
Software Apprentice
Deivid Ugarte
Software Apprentice
Pablo Fernandez
Software Apprentice
Kevin Escobar
Software Apprentice
Luis Serrano
Software Apprentice
Harry Muir
Software Apprentice
Daniel Peralta
Software Apprentice
Gloriana Omodeo
Paolo Downing
Software Apprentice
Raquel Lugo
Software Apprentice
Samuel Amey
Software Apprentice
Gabriel Quesada
Software Apprentice
Jose Nuñez
Software Apprentice
Maria Jesus Navarro
Software Apprentice
Daniel Vega
Software Apprentice
Woodie Hartley
Software Apprentice
Johel Tencio
Software Apprentice
Felipe Alvarado
Software Apprentice
Francisco Murillo
Software Apprentice
Brandon Chaves
Software Apprentice
Adrián Alpizar
Software Apprentice
Jasson Gonzales
Software Apprentice
José Alvarado
Software Apprentice