Hello College
Hello College
A Portal dedicated to helping students and parents successfully navigate the college admissions process, providing a personalized experience based on unique needs and goals.
Project Highlights From the initial college search to acceptance, we educate and engage you through a series of lessons and activities that are followed up with personal conversations, creating a one-on-one experience that addresses your unique situation. With only 24% of kids graduating in 4 years and over 70% of students switching majors, HelloCollege is here to help from the onset to ensure a successful college experience and future career. Results Feedback from clients has been extremely positive. HelloCollege portal is integrated with docebo. Counselors and students have a platform to search for colleges and plan to ensure a successful college experience.
Under the Hood Docebo is an LMS used as the main component application for Hello College students. Docebo handles sessions, courses, main interaction and even the layout for the Hello College App. So the current “app” is based on 2 components Docebo system and Hello College App (production). The HelloCollege App is host on Heroku
Project domain
System Architecture
Information Architecture
Software Development
User Testing
Visual Design
Exploratory Testing
User Research
LMS Integration
SCRUM Master
Ruby on Rails
Docebo LMS